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TeleGroup TeleGroup

TeleGroup is a system integrator in the telecom field. The company provides a host of engineering services, turnkey solutions, equipment and materials to wireless and fix line operators in east Europe and the Balkans.

TeleGroup has developed a unique service model which integrates advanced technologies and high- quality engineering services to the benefits of its customers.

TeleGroup is headquartered in Sofia Bulgaria and has offices in Kiev Ukraine.

genesis Genesis Human Capital Solutions

Genesis delivers HR services and organizational consultancy. The Company has developed methodologies and tools to align individual’s need for potential’s expression with the organization’s strategy. We are helping organizations grow faster, become more productive and focused and eventually reach higher peaks. In Genesis-HCS, we believe that each and every human being aspires to fully express his/her occupational potential in the workplace environment. Successful organizations are the ones who harness this human desire for success and align them with the organization's goals.

itcom ITCom Europe

ITCom provides Consulting, Mapping, Scoping, Accompaniment and Implementation of  Information Systems, specializing in ERP, BI and CRM.
ITCom Europe is  managed out of Bulgaria.

Nursery Schwartz Nursery

Schwartz nursery is specializing in growing and propagation of cuttings. With over 50 thousand square meters of greenhouses, the company is a leading exporter of un-rooted cutting to Europe, Asia and USA.

TeleGroup Albania Ventures

Albania Ventures operates as a bridge for business and investments between Israel and Albania. The company with its offices in Tel Aviv and  Tirana provides its partners with a reliable platform for launching, managing and monitoring their business and investments in the territory of Albania.

Albania Ventures is involved in tourism, IT, telecom, agriculture, energy and real estate. The company offers its partners a host of services and solutions in these branches and helps them bridge the gap in the complex business environment  of Albania.