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About Us

Polygon Group specializes in business development, financing and administration. The group consists of a network of companies, partnerships and ventures each focused on a specific area of expertise. Polygon is involved directly or via its partnerships with a broad range of business activities including vendor representation, trade transactions, Technical and RF system integration, real estate, HLS, HR, Management consultancy, IT, agriculture and others.

We conduct operations in several target markets through branch offices and co-operations with local partners. Our strong local presence in these markets gives us a quick momentum and realistic approach when directing current businesses or addressing new business opportunities.

Polygon's familiarity with various business segments accompanied by solid business development skills, exceptional ethics and proven execution record are turning the company into a preferred platform for partners making their way into the east European region. Polygon is capable of supporting its partners through initial market approach and relationship development, presale activities, sales and post sales affairs.

We take special pride in growing early stage ventures from conceptual stage to revenues and stability. The company holds significant equity share in its own portfolio comprises and provides management services to a group of carefully selected partners.

In the core of Polygon's activity is a network of talented and committed people working together in overcoming challenges and achieving goals. Over the years we have learned to take advantage of diverse personalities, cultures, and expertise in creating a powerful cooperation with partners and customers. We are leveraging this positive and creative energy, entrepreneurial spirit and professional skills to direct the growth of our business portfolio.

Polygon supports its ventures with centralized services, including assistance in the areas of business development, interim management, marketing, strategic planning, financing, accounting, and human resources.

It's All About team work